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About the Practitioner

Karen Obier, Certified Reflexologist & Energy Medicine Practitioner

I am a 20 year veteran of the corporate world and know first hand the hectic and often pressure filled lifestyle of managing a career, marriage, family time and a never ending "To Do" list!

I sought out holistic help several years ago when I could tell my body and mind had been through enough.  Through incorporating Reflexology, Energy Therapy, yoga and massage, I came to truly appreciate the great benefits that natural healing modalities brought to my life.  The support they provided was invaluable in helping me be the person I wanted to be and knew I was! 

Because of the significant impact these modalities had on my life, I decided in 2005 holistic therapy was a path I felt compelled to explore.  Since then I graduated with a degree in Energy Medicine in 2009 from the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences and received my diploma in Reflexology in 2010 from the Connecticut Center for Universal Reflexology.  During this time I did a 12 month internship at Montowese Health and Rehabilitation in North Haven Connecticut and did a 10 week intensive thesis study on the effects of Reflexology on chronic disorders.  I am also certified in Reiki I, Reiki II and in the Robert St. John Metamorphosis Technique.

I enjoy supporting people with their own self care through healing touch therapies and find this work incredibly rewarding and inspiring.  I thoroughly enjoy my existing and new clients and continuously look for opportunities to introduce more people to the wonderful benefits of Reflexology and Energy Therapy!

Life is a precious gift and we owe it to ourselves and the people around us to be able to enjoy it to the fullest!  

                                       relax ~ release ~ recharge ~ renew

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