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"I have never experienced such a deep sense of relaxation and peace, the calming benefits lasted for days. As a chronic migraine sufferer, I can definitively say the sessions with Karen eased my pain." - Jen E.

"As soon as you enter Karen's beautifully decorated room, you experience a sense of peace.  You just know that the session will be special. Karen's soothing voice and gentle approach make you feel relaxed and comfortable.  I decided to try Reflexology to see what it would do for some chronic medical issues.  I have actually never really liked having my feet massaged, so I was pleasantly surprised when I drifted in and out of sleep during my very first session.  I noticed that certain places on my feet were more tender than others.  Karen explained what organs those areas corresponded to and she was right on target with the health symptoms I was having. I found my session to be deeply relaxing and it definitely reduced my stress level. I highly recommend Karen!" - Margaret T.

"I love coming to Reflexology and go every other week. It's very relaxing for me and helps my entire body. I have been going to Karen for years and highly recommend her! " - Ellen O.

"My Reflexology sessions with Karen relax and deeply energize me.  I am a different person when I leave her. I wish she was closer to where I live but it is worth the hour drive to see her!" - Margaret O.

"In the utmost tranquil space, Karen's magic touch revives and restores the soul.  Karen genuinely cares about healing through her work and this is sincerely felt. I had an incredible Reflexology session and I would recommend booking with Karen."  - Katie D.

"Reflexology put me into a place of relaxation where I had never been before.  I wish I could do it more often! "  - Joan M.

"From my very first Reflexology session with Karen, I was hooked. The level of calm I feel after a session is the greatest gift anyone can give me. After the loss of a much loved pet, Karen helped me by allowing my body to release the grief that I was carrying.  I was of course still sad but felt lighter and able to move forward."  - Ellen Y. 

"My experience with Reflexology and Energy Therapy were tremendously positive. I found Karen very calming and the office was inviting and relaxing. When I went to Karen I was having several issues with my left foot such as bone spurs, heel fasciitis and tendonitis and walking had become extremely painful.  I was receiving podiatry care on a regular basis with surgery being a real possibility.  After 10 sessions I am presently experiencing much improved mobility, reduced pain and currently do not require any podiatry visits.  I am very grateful for the sense of relief and well being and look forward to future sessions." - Leslie H.  

"Reflexology was a surprise!  Not only did it feel wonderful, but it put me into a deeply relaxed state that I have only experienced through meditation.  I would love to continue being treated at least once a week." - Karen S.  
"I have Parkinsons and experience severe tremors.  During Reflexology I become deeply relaxed and my tremors stop and that lasts for several hours afterwards.  What a gift!  It is truly amazing and deeply healing. " - Connie B.
"During the practice of Energy Therapy, it is as if you can feel the energy come through Karen's hands as you experience a sense of warmth.  It is a very relaxing and soothing treatment." - Karen S.
"My Reflexology session with Karen was among the very best that I have ever experienced.  From the moment that I entered the treatment room, it was readily apparent that the room had been conscientiously decorated to assist the client in feeling comfortable and relaxed.  Karen personalized my Reflexology session creating a treatment uniquely compatible with my symptoms. I highly recommend her."  - Valerie G. 

 "If you have not tried Reflexology you do not know what you are missing and Karen is the perfect person to introduce you to it.  Reflexology is one of the most relaxing experiences. After each session I feel calm, energetic and free from stress.  She has a wonderful way about her that puts you at ease with her gentle voice and serene surroundings.  Karen is able to pin point what is troubling my body and works wonders for many of my aliments (sinus,reflux,stress,etc.) You will be amazed at how much better you feel after a session with Karen." - Patty B. 

"Reflexology is as good as getting away for week vacation!  I don't know how Karen fits all that relaxation into one hour!" - J.P.

"I love Reflexology with Karen.  It is the most relaxing/healing hour.  It gives me deeper relaxation than my daily meditations, massage and other forms of body work.  I don't know what it is but it's the best!  I gave sessions to the people I care about the most and they love it too." - Laura P.

"My Reflexology sessions allowed me to access a state of profound relaxation, and I could feel years of accumulated stress melting away. I left with a feeling of deep tranquility which lasted for days. Karen's gifts and the personal touch she brings to this incredible healing art are not to be missed. I highly recommend this extremely valuable healing resource! " - Leslie P.

"A Reflexology session with Karen is always the remedy to a stressful week. It's so wonderful to come in and relax and get rejuvenated and recharged" - Dena M.

"An hour of absolute relief from all anxiety and stress. A trance unable to be described unless you have experienced it.  I recommend Karen to everyone I know and encourage people to try a session." - Sammy B.

"Words cannot express how amazing Karen is at her profession as a Reflexologist.  I have had the pleasure of relaxing with her for over 4 years and each time I walk away feeling both energized as well as totally relaxed from head to toe...even though my feet were the only thing that she touched.  I have tried others but no one has come close to her talents.  I live over 90 minutes away  from her office and gladly make the trip to see her. She is amazing,professional,talented and an incredible lovely person."- Flora M.

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